Duals is an artist of eclectic tastes, ranging from spoken word poetry to hip hop to art rock to electronic to even country and punk songs. He seems more concerned on feeling and substance rather than genre and creates emotional human music. His early favourites were artists such as James Brown and Bob Dylan. Poetry became his refuge not too long after he could write and he wrote so often that he developed to an adept writer quickly and began freestyling as early as primary school. He then began engineering himself and friends in middle school. There is no type of art that Duals will not delight in taking inspiration from. He is the founder of the new DIY independent label Growth Of Culture and created their mantra “Never Influenced…Always Inspired…SpreadLove”

Most of his inspirations are drawn from his favourite philosophers like Socrates and Albert Camus as well as some of his favorite novels, and then musically from underground alternative rap and alternative rock and country like artists such as Dose One and Cat Power. Duals creates music in the form of dreams soundscaped by his use of novel derived lyrics and constantly evolving instrumentation.
He fervently demands and declares honesty to paint a circle of the yin and yang to show Love in both sides, from the dark and the light and how we can grow from that – no matter how intense or non-pandering the subject matter may be.


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