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Deliver your music to the largest networks of stores world wide, The network distributes digital music and video to over 450 digital retailers in over 85 countries. (and more being added all the time) perfect for a band, a label, or a webzine. streaming & mobile partners in the industry, all with a dedicated team & support you deserve. Get your music heard & collect your royalties. customizable, easy to use and well documented.

It fits to any device and it can be used for any other purpose as well.

Theme Options

Choose between the dark and light skin, choose your layout and change the whole appearance of your website with the logo uploader, background uploaders and color pickers in the theme options panel.

Playlists manager

Manage your playlists, upload and re order your songs, set digital download links and embed your players everywhere with the pumped jPlayer manager.


Create unlimited sidebars and choose your sidebar for each page  and create unlimited widget areas to widgetize any page. This theme includes 14 custom widgets.

Galleries Manager

Manage your albums and pictures easily by using the WordPress 3.5 media manager.

Testing Owl Carousel. Pretty cool so far!!
about 22 hours ago | @wp_wolf



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